Motorized Blinds

Why automated blinds are the solution

Window Blinds are a common choice for homeowners that want to cover the window to block light or protect privacy. With automated blinds they are sleek in appearance, easy to maintain and quite durable.

Motorized blinds perform the same purpose of traditional window blinds but also have added functions that make them a valuable addition to your homes interior design.

Here are some benefits that motorized blinds can bring to your home:

Boosts your homes energy efficiency with the ability to have the blinds set to be closed a specific times of the day to help create insulation and light control.  This also doubles as an ability to control how much natural light is allowed in the house.

Automation settings with your blinds can also add security for when you are away from home. Not only can it keep peering eyes out of the windows when you are away but with automation the blinds can be set automatically throughout the day to make it seem like someone is home.

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At Tulsa Smart Home Solutions, we believe in building creative solutions for today – and tomorrow’s – problems through technology. One of the ways we do this is by putting together the best home automation system for your needs and your budget. We work to provide the best possible prices on the market through close connections with our various product vendors. Through these strategic partnerships, Tulsa Smart Home Solutions can offer prices lower than other Tulsa home automation installers.

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