We Are Home Theater & Automation Experts

Welcome to Tulsa Smart Home Solutions. We are a local company serving the Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding area with the absolute finest in home theater sales, design, and installation, as well as one room or whole home automation. We are your source for everything “smart” in your home. We integrate audio / video, lighting, temperature, security, remote controls, door locks, even appliances and so much more! CONTACT US for more information.

Tulsa Smart Home Solutions officially launched in July of 2015 by our Founder, Jeremiah Irvin with a vision for better, simpler automation and home theater service. Jeremiah has over 12 years of experience in the custom home theater market as an installer and sales professional.

He believes that technology should simplify our lives, not complicate it. He has picked out the industry’s finest product lineup with quality in mind, as well as products that integrate well together. We offer a complimentary consultation to go over your project ideas and talk about your goals. Then we build a custom quote for you which includes the parts and labor needed. Finally, our professional installers, make it all happen. After the installation, we sit down with you (or your whole family) and teach you how your easy-to-use custom system works. We are always available after the sale and installation to answer any questions free of charge.

Home Theater

We offer a fantastic lineup of home audio, commercial audio, televisions, smart receivers, projectors and screens. We have partnered with the absolute best in their industry to bring you an experience beyond your expectations. We design and build custom theater rooms with a variety of layouts to accommodate any room or budget. We offer only the best screens and projectors to bring you true to life movies, games, and television on the big screen, all from the comfort of your own home. We are proud to be an Official RBH Dealer as of 2016. We have heard and sold dozens of brands and can say without a doubt that RBH speakers offer the absolute best sound for the money available on the market. We proudly offer their entire lineup (available at www.rbhsound.com) and CONTACT US today for more information on RBH or any of our other products.

We offer a fantastic selection of battery powered (as well as wired) honeycomb and roller shades, as well as automated lighting, thermostats, motion detection, leak detection, automated door locks, and many other integrated products to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Our shading solutions are fully automated and can be controlled with a remote or your smartphone, as well as being integrated with your automation system. They can offer a gentle filter of the natural light or can be a blackout shade for a theater or living room. The process is simple and effortless. We set up a time to measure your windows in your home while you look through our samples book. We can guide you to which shade works best for you, pick a color, texture, and style and we order your custom shades. Then we return to install your custom shades as well as any keypads, remotes, or apps. We can program them to go up or down automatically at certain times or during events which can be customized from your free app at any time!

Our “smart” thermostats can be setup to run on a schedule, as well as respond to events such as leaving, coming home, and more. They are capable of running on a stand alone smartphone app, or can be integrated into a “smart home” system, enabling another level of control and convenience in your home. Part of an automated smart home system can include moisture detectors to alert you of a potential hazard. Smart automated valves can be programmed to shut off water in case of an emergency. We have a beautiful selection of automated door locks that have been tested to endure more than most other locks on the market in their price range.

They bring the convenience of a keypad that can be setup for multiple users with programmable restrictions, lockout features, and other safety and automation features. No more stumbling for a key! In a smart home system, your code could trigger events such as lighting and security to automatically occur as you enter your home! Know when the kids came home and let guests in during certain hours of the day, all with individual codes and automation events! Our smart lighting options are possibly the most exciting. Imagine the convenience of an automated smart lighting system that can be controlled via keypad, smartphone, smart switches and more. Save energy with a push of a button by dimming all the lights in your home 20%, or install a keypad at the front and garage door for push button convenience to turn off all the lights in the home. Imagine a bedtime scene, or a party scene. There are many custom lighting options. We offer both single room controls that can run from your remote control, all the way to whole home smart lighting systems with many control options. CONTACT US for more information on any of our integration options or to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Whole Home Audio / Video

We have the right options for you! Whether it needs to be a wireless system that can be easily expanded and integrated into your wired home theater system, or one of our flagship whole home audio systems with built in Pandora, Spotify, Airplay, SiriusXM, TuneIn, and more. Enjoy your own music selection from dozens of potential sources in any or all of your rooms.

Our Distributed Video Systems allow you to centralize all of your home theater gear, cable boxes, disk players, gaming consoles and more in one place and enjoy any of your sources on any tv in the house! All this without seeing annoying wires and power cords.

One remote to rule them all!

All of this can be integrated together into one convenient app to also control lighting, security, temperature, blinds, garage doors, and so much more! CONTACT US today to get a quote

Some of the brands we work with