Home cinema

Entertain your family and friends with a Home Cinema

Staying at home and entertaining your family is becoming more desirable and a Home Cinema is a great way to do that.

Benefits of having your own home cinema installed:

Home Cinema’s can be used for a lot more than just movies so you can ditch the expensive refreshments and ticket prices and get an amazing experience at home. You can also use this to take not only movies to the next level but also sporting events and video games.

With a custom installed system we can make sure that the sound and acoustics are how they should be for the space you are looking to use. This way the experience can be amazing and you be in the comfort of your own home.

Another great option for your home cinema is that you get to pick the furniture so that you can make sure you are always comfortable when enjoying Movies, Sports, or games.

We can make a Home Cinema even better with utilizing home automation in your theater as well. Home automation and entertainment technology has truly become easy and fun to use. With custom lighting control and automation we can make the home cinema a complete experience in your own home.

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At Tulsa Smart Home Solutions, we believe in building creative solutions for today – and tomorrow’s – problems through technology. One of the ways we do this is by putting together the best home automation system for your needs and your budget. We work to provide the best possible prices on the market through close connections with our various product vendors. Through these strategic partnerships, Tulsa Smart Home Solutions can offer prices lower than other Tulsa home automation installers.

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