Smart Lighting

Why Smart Lighting is the solution

Having Smart Lighting in your home can benefit you in multiple ways either in ways of efficiency or simplicity of the system. With this system you can be more energy efficient with only using lighting levels as needed in rooms. By using only energy that is needed you can lower your electric bill. Simplifying your lighting can make things easier and you can walk into a room and the lights already be set to what you are looking for.

With automation in your smart lighting you can also set scenes and have sensors to know when there is activity in the room. Wanting to watch a movie then you have to go around and turn all the lights off manually? With automation the whole scene can be programmed to dim or turn off lights in the room when watch a movie is activated.

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Take control of your home

At Tulsa Smart Home Solutions, we believe in building creative solutions for today – and tomorrow’s – problems through technology. One of the ways we do this is by putting together the best home automation system for your needs and your budget. We work to provide the best possible prices on the market through close connections with our various product vendors. Through these strategic partnerships, Tulsa Smart Home Solutions can offer prices lower than other Tulsa home automation installers.


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